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Welcome to iComplain!

This is a free open source online complain website. The source can be found at CodePlex. It's built to act as platform to expose rogue traders and businesses, and to share information about consumers' bad experiences in hope of alerting other consumers to any potential pitfalls.

If you are a frustrated and unhappy customer of any sort and would like to make a complaint and share your bad experience with other people, all you need to do is following 3 simple steps to make a complaint:

  1. Register a free account with iComplain. We only take the bare minimum information from you such as your name and an valid email etc.
  2. Find the organisation you want to make a complaint against. If it does not exist yet, you can create it by simply supply just a name and a category.
  3. Once you have located the organisation, you can click on the "Complain" link to make a complaint against it.

If you are about to become a customer of any sort but are unsure about the vender/organisation you will be dealing with, you can check their track of records here to see if they are trustworthy.